Thursday, September 03, 2009

On this day 70 years ago, War comes to town.


I wrote this back in Sept 3, 2009 back in my old Blog. Its being reposted here: On this day 70 years ago, Britain and France declared war on Nazi Germany for invading their ally Poland; thus, beginning World War Two (in Europe). Germany had broken promise after promise in the preceding years. The attack on Poland was the last straw. Two years earlier, France and Britain had the choice of supporting another ally, Czechoslovakia, when Germany threatened its borders. But the people in the Democracies feared war and placed greater faith in paper treaties and negotiations with Hitler. How ironic.

I find this photo very poignant. It shows a son breaking free from his mother's hands and reaching out for his father. It would be 6 years before the son would see his father again, if he survived.

The troops are Canadian btw. And the photo taken from iconic photos blog.

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