Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A race to honor the memory of the dead

I completed a 30 minute run again! Ran down the road towards Ruffey Park lake.

I really hope I can keep this up. Once I slack off I really slack off. Its not easy running on a regular basis. My dad had great discipline and kept on running exercising even when he was in the depths of his cancer. He was an avid runner and regularly took part in IPPT runs to prove his fitness. It also pleased him immensely to beat men half his age in the runs.

I probably have some of his physical endurance spirit in me. It seems to be getting easier going for the run... maybe in part because of the Spring weather. Every morning seems that much brighter (unlike Winter). Heehee, maybe my body is solar powered. But I think its just the natural inclination to do things when the sun is up and bright. I wake up better this way with my room bathed in natural sunlight.

Anyways, I really need to keep this up. I hate myself fat. And when I'm fit and healthier, everything seems so much better - my mind seems to be able to think clearer too. Being overweight however is like a downward spiral.

Its not easy though - it takes a lot of mental energy to psyche myself for these runs - its so much more easier to avoid it. I need to push myself aggressively for the run.

The anniversary of my dad's death is coming up on October 10th. I plan to run to Ruffey Park's lake and back - a total of 10km from my doorstep in honor of his memory. The ancient Greeks did a runner race to commemorate and honor the dead. I think dad would be pleased about that.


Teddy Ursa said...

Maybe it is easier to keep it up, knowing that you're doing this because you care for yourself... that you love yourself and want yourself to be well, look good and happy.

Yauming YMC said...

Yes, I agree. I do intend to keep it up. This is not a once off. Right now, however, I'm just trying to motivate myself to go for the run. And its hard, very hard.

Teddy Ursa said...

But not impossible, yes? Especially knowing that in a few weeks, you will feel better and look better. Hey, the light gets brighter closer to the edge of the tunnel.

I tried to wake up early to go running today too... but I didn't... I want to love myself a little, giving myself that extra hour to catch up on sleep before I spend the rest of the afternoon working. I don't want to work today but I've to... So rather than getting depressed over it, I told myself that maybe with my backlog reduced, next week, I could get a little more sleep and then go running over the weekend. There's still hope, no?

Yauming YMC said...

Its only impossible if you don't do it. :) Getting up for these runs is a little bit like waking up from the dead. haha. Its a mental thing. Its even a spiritual battle. Its about dying to yourself, its about denying your natural urges, no wonder the Apostle Paul said, I discipline my body to control it - not allowing my natural urges to dominate me (ie. sit at home eat potato chips and watch TV). 1Corinthians 9:27 paraphrased.