Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sad Woman

You can call it a moment of clarity or a moment of depression. But what this woman has done is epic.

Hu Ziwei, an anchor for one of Beijing's TV station, upset a public televised Olympic speech day by condemning her husband for having an extra-marital affair and going one step further by comparing it with the decline of morals in China.

Hu: (struggling continuously) I will finish my last sentence. Let’s be polite. But that French foreign minister said, 'Until China can export human values, [it] won’t become a great country.' In front of us, [we] face such a sanctimonious … when Zhang Bin can’t face himself … even can’t face his wife whose hurt by him. I feel, China, as a … become a great country… In the end do you have any conscience?! Still too far away from a great country."

You can see the video here

She's going to be in big pit of pain for doing that. Knowing how the Chinese Govt operates, I hope they don't torture her.

But to them, she has brought great shame to the nation, and no doubt will suffer a great deal of pain.

I don';t think she did it out of any political motivation but more due to her sadness of her husband's infidelity.

Anyhow what is the exact point of the Olympics? In its original incarnation, it was meant to be a day to bring people (Greeks) together and to promote peace and harmony. Now its just a big advertising and media event and a big nationalistic event.

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