Sunday, March 09, 2008

No Country for Old Men

Genre: Cult
This film is more like watching two boats collide, sink and people struggle and drown.

Its not as easy film to watch... or rather its not the usual standard sort of film where there's a logical plot development and story. Like I said, its like watching an accident. It sort of like happens - it doesn't make sense - but you just still have to watch.

There's plenty of violence so if you're sensitive- don't watch it.

I thought the Spanish actor, Javier Bardem, who played the psycho assassin - was superb and gives a bone chilling performance. Even if you hate cult films - you have to go watch this movie just for his performance, totally frightening - pure damn nasty evil - a force of malevolent nature.

The ending - with Jones giving a soliloquy on death - doesn't make sense but adds to the atmosphere of the film. If you aren't more lateral minded - you won't like it.

But that is just one way of looking at it - another way to describe it - is a boring pretentious piece of crap by bored philosophy students dreamt up after a dope session.

Whilst such people would be analyzing each part of the film and attributing deep and meaningful conclusion or anti-conclusions to it, and discussing issues of fate and the supremacy of evil over good, most movie viewers - and I'm TALKING TO YOU JEREMY - would probably be wondering "If Hannibal Lector and Anton Chigurh were locked in the same cell, who would get out alive?"


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