Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lost 4.8 Meet Kevin Johnson Back from the Dead

I thought of doing reviews on the tv series. Lost. Don't read this if you don't like spoilers.

Anyhow the latest episode is Lost Episode 8 Season 4. Meet Kevin Johnson

Or as I prefer to call it - the Dead wanting to be dead.

This episode is based around the wretched Kevin Johnson, the obsessed father who killed two women and rescued Ben, the sinister manipulative leader of the Others- or as as I like to call him Spooky Ben.

When we find him, the nutcase has been ostracized by his own son, Waaaalt. Both of them are unable to lead normal lives because technically they are dead- and Michael wants to cover up the secret of the Island- in case perhaps Spooky Ben takes revenge and kills him and his son.

Kevin also seems to have an Island Ghost friend, Libby, Hurley's Island girlfriend who got shot by KJ when she went back to get blankets for their picnice. She pops up to bother him a few times- Michael being the idiot that he is- ignores her.

Whether its actually Libby, or the Island's Spirit masquarading as her is another issue. See what happened when Mr. Eko the Big Black dude's dead brother showed up and started behaving strangely when he didn't "repent".

Anyhow, dead Libby has come back to join the ranks of the Island's spirits- which seems to include Jack's father, Charlie, Spooky Ben's mother, Mr Eko's brother, etc..

Michael tries to kill himself a few times. He fails. He trades in Jin's watch for a cheap gun and tries to shoot himself ffs. What doesn't he check whether the firing pin is actually in place? If I was there, I'd have advised him - if you succeed, try, try again. OD, jump off a building, take a bath with a radio or something. FFS man! You're living in New York. Be creative!

He's advised by Tom, the fat creepy Other guy - whose on a gay shore leave lol - that the Island won't let him die. Or maybe Spooky Ben owns the gun shop.

We get to hear Spooky Ben's take on the Sunda Trench hoax where they found the missing jetplane with dead passengers. It seems Widmore is the one who planted it there. Oh great, yet another pausible reason to trust the murderous lying creep.

Tom told Michael that Widmore staged the hoax. But Gault, the Captain, said that Ben was behind it. Maybe Widmore told Gault to lie whose to know?

Ben had the audacity to ring Michael on the boat and tell him that he doesn't kill innocent people, and Michael being the gullible fool that he is - believes him. We already know that Ben is not adverse to mass murder since he planned the massacre of the entire Dharma Initiative community on the island including his sorry father. Honestly, if Ben doesn't die a horrible death or fate at the finale end of the series, I'm going to be really really pissed.

As it is, conflicted Michael has joined the ranks of Spooky Ben's Other Club.

Meanwhile, expect Jin's watch to be found by his powerful Korean father-in-law. Who perhaps organizes another search party for his beloved daughter?

The next episode of Lost airs in America on April 24. Groan, one month to wait!!!

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