Thursday, March 06, 2008

BBC knew of terrorists but did not report to police

Shocking. A BBC producer knew of the July 21 terrorist but decided not to report them to the police because she felt it was not her obligation. Shocking.

What is more sickening - is that the BBC exists due to funding from the British public. Yet, it and the Aust Broadcasting Corp, seem to loathe the very people and society they serve.

A long time ago, the BBC served as a beacon of truth and hope to Europe during the dark days of Nazi Occupation. Now they just serve as mouthpiece, a propaganda machine for disenfranchised minority groups and socialist flunkies.

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BBC knew of link to failed 21/7 bombers

Last Updated: 2:39am GMT 27/02/2008

A BBC producer failed to give police information that would have helped track down the July 21 bombers, the trial was told.

Don't Panic, I'm Islamic, which featured the group paintballing and an interview with Mohammed Hamid, was shown on BBC2 on June 12, 2005.

Called as a defence witness, Miss Suleaman admitted that she had spoken to Hamid in the days following the July 21 attacks and found out he knew the wanted men.

She said she thought he was scared the fugitives might try to call him but did not contact the police because she felt under "no obligation" to do so.

Miss Suleaman claimed she told BBC managers of the situation but no one passed on the information to the authorities.

She looked visibly shaken when told that two of the July 21 bombers, had joined Hamid on another paintball trip two weeks before the bombings.

Miss Suleaman saw Hamid a few days after July 21, 2005 and he seemed "very shocked that the men he knew were accused of this".

Duncan Penny, prosecuting, said: "Did you tell him to go to the police?"

Ms Suleaman replied: "I don't think I needed to."

In my humble opinion, the BBC ought to be privatized and the proceeds used for hospitals and schools. The BBC has quit being a neutral reporter of facts and news events - they don't even know the meaning of "Truth" and justice to them means supporting some feral terrorist organization against the establishment.

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