Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Diving in Bali

Short of leaving for outer space, diving is one of the best experiences you can have feeling weightless. Its quite surreal being 20 - 30m underwater breathing clean fresh slightly intoxicating air. Its like you're flying. And the sort of things you see... millions of marine animals and fish in all the shades of the rainbow. Its like being back in Eden.

I also greatly enjoy looking at divers' photos- some of them are very very good. I thank God that he's given me the eyes that can appreciate this sort of thing. Some people just don't give a toss and would prefer spending their time shopping for branded goods or squander time at the casino or drinking themselves silly at the pub.

One great thing about Multiply.com are the quality of the photos you are allowed to exhibit. Friendster and other blogs aren't so friendly - frankly I don't think much about facebook - its just a massive spam fest.

Anyhow check out Tey Allie's photos of her trip to Bali. Oooo, look at that cute fish!


bianca p said...

very much agree with you on this! diving is amazing... and yep, after trying many different virtual spaces available to put up my photos online I also found multiply.com is the best - not just in terms of photo quality, but also in ease of uploading... it does the shrinking for me for faster web display automatically etc...

adelyn kwan said...

really agree with your 2nd paragraph! I've come to know so many divers who are willing to share their photos and experiences. And while my friends are saving up for that limited edition Gucci handbag, I'm probably saving up for a big dive trip to some faraway land.. hahah!