Friday, March 14, 2008

Going back to Singapore

I'm going back to Singapore in April 6th. Frankly I can't wait. I'm bored out of my mind here - doing the taxes and stuff. Some of the friends I used to hang around with seem to have moved on - to a baby and mummy style. I seem to be an aberration.

I need to go for a good long run. There's a beautiful park nearby. But the weather here has reached record highs - it's constantly over 35C here in Melbourne and its Autumn for crying out loud.

There are two big scuba dive trips waiting for me in Singapore. One to Sipadan and the other to Maldives. Spencer is trying to organize a trip in early May to Manado. So possibly three!!

Frankly I'm feeling depressed - a few things have gone wrong since I've come back. Mostly out of my control, the stock market, some family issues etc..

When I'm back in Singapore next - I'll see about doing something different apart from this trading. I've been toying about writing a book or a film script for ages. Time to do something about it.


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