Thursday, October 18, 2007

Whale Sharks

One day more and I'm off for another scuba diving trip. This time at the Atlantis Resort on Pulau Au - the isle next to Dayang.

Can't wait to go. My brain is totally fried. I can't think or focus. When I work out at the gym, I feel like passing out. I feel like there's not enough blood going into my brain. Sometimes I get so pale, my instructor is so worried that I'll faint. WTF is wrong?

Anyhow, two more weeks and I'm back in Melbourne. Can't wait to go too. I need a change of environment.

BTW, the photo of the whale shark is by "lovells19", a senior member of the ClubSnap forum.

1 comment:

Charms Wee said...

you are gng.back to melbourne???

I am so jealous..
I had wanted to head down during these 2 weeks of my work break but the tix are way way sky high.. : (