Monday, October 08, 2007

Family caught with illegal arms and drugs cache demand compensation

This story is ridiculous. This immigrant family to Australia got public housing benefits - and were so poor that the govt gave them more financial aid. The husband disappears back to Lebanon - and the police raid the home to find:

Two fully automatic rifles.

* Two semi-automatic rifles.

* A MAC-10 fully automatic pistol.

* A Browning pistol.

* A Smith & Wesson revolver.

* About 5000 rounds of ammunition and ammunition magazines.

* Two boxes of Glock pistols.

* Small resealable plastic bags containing drugs.

* Electronic scales.

* Solvent generally used to destroy forensic evidence, such as fingerprints.

* A fully automatic bill counter.

* 1.64 kilograms of what was believed to be amphetamines.

What was the family trying to do: create a Walmart for Gangsters?

The family got evicted. And yes, they want compensation.

Read the rest of the mad story here: Family wants their guns and drugs back

Frankly they should be deported back to Lebanon. Australia sure has a weird sense of justice. In Singapore, they hang criminals who use guns. In Australia they spend millions of dollars in legal aid (which is not available to most law abiding citizens) to help them escape justice. Meanwhile, the Justice system denys home owners the use of weapons to defend their families and property. I remember one judge or top cop say that they ought to cooperate with the crims to avoid bloodshed. Which is sick if some sick sicko wants to rape u. If the law abiding citizens do attempt to protect themselves, the stupid law system prosecutes them. Bloody stupid system. Who made it anyway? Convicts?


Jeremy N said...

Pffft... Ingram MAC-10... Pathetic taste in firerams. Should be deported for that alone.

Yauming YMC said...

Yang would reckon they should be shot for importing Glocks. Don't they have any dignity??? Then again, this shows why the Arabs keep losing their wars against the Israelis who are armed with desert eagles.