Monday, October 15, 2007

Burma Coast Dive WhiteManta Liveonboard Dec 12 - 16

Start:     Dec 12, '07 07:00a
End:     Dec 16, '07
My Divemaster - Marcus R. Lee - on the Dayang Trip is organizing a dive trip to the coast of Burma. Check out the details.

Hi Friends,

Here are the details for the December dive trip 2007.

As usual we split the costs evenly, this is not a profit making trip. The trip is costly, but relatively a lot cheaper than going on your own in future.

Location: Myanmar.
Date: LOB Dec 12 - 16 (fly out 17 till whenever)
Duration: 4D/4N
LOB: Whitemanta
Pax: 14-17
Cost: (depends on no., but generally appx 850sgd) - usual price is 800usd++
Visa: 150usd (appx 225sgd)
Airfare: We still fly into Phuket (hence can R&R etc.) appx 140sgd
R&R costs: up to you. appx 100sgd
Gear Rental: up to you.

So here you go. The total is appx 1.3-1.5 depending on your airlines/gear rental/shopping and other variables.

Exotic location, proudly pristine, boasts of sharks, and whatsoever. Havent been there, havent a clue. No implications for the political upheaval at the moment. We will fly into Phuket, and sail there to Burman waters. Space is less than last year at similans and kuantanwreck, so if youre keen do reply quick. Also because this is being planned late, airfare prices will go up soon, AND the boat charter wont be available to us for long. So we need to confirm soon.

Please reply interest and ability to commit.
First come first serve naturally if there is a demand.

Feel free to fwd questions to Daniel or myself.



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