Monday, October 15, 2007

Dayang Dive Trip

Just came back from the Dayang dive trip. The waters were very smooth - even the usual places like the "Whirlpool" was relatively placid. Its suppose to be the monsoon season now - but there was no wind and little rain.

I was trialling my new Fuji F-31 camera which I had just bought from the store in the previous day. I was petrified that I would lose it or damage it on its maiden trip. But I followed the instructions to the letter, made sure it was alays kept safely secured, and all went well. You can see the photos in my photo section.

Overall, it was relatively to me- boring. Once u dive at Sipadan- you're quite spoiled. I did find something fascinating tho - I found an egg like object on the 1st dive - it was pure white and had a beautiful fern leaf pattern design on it. But when I swam away with it the pressure crumbled it into a million pieces in my hand. Apart from that not much else interesting - to me. I was hoping to see a whale shark but nada.

Thankfully, the bus driver used the Tuas link to get to and from Malaysia- going through immigrations on both sides was a breeze compared to the main Johor crossway which is utterly horrendous to say the least.


Charms Wee said...

Pity about the egg-like object..would have loved to see it in pics.

Andrew Hall said...

you killed a historical artifact....