Sunday, April 22, 2007


Seems there was some trouble in paradise.


ferry rusli said...

Hi Yau Ming,
did u catch a mermaid while diving?
Angela is due in mid May ; can't wait to be a dad.
When r u back in melb

Kelvin Kwa said...

Abu Sayef, These guys are not just Al Queda wannabe's. They're big leagues. I wouldn't go to the resort without a full 12 man team of SEALs.

Yauming YMC said...

Hello Ferry and Kelvin,

No, I didn't catch a mermaid. But my two female friends- see photos - were just as pretty. As for Abu Sayef, Kel... well, I'll show you the photos of Sipadan and maybe you'll also think the risk is worth taking.