Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ah crap

Profit warning on Chartered. Credit Suisse issues a downgrade on Chartered. Came out just then. Bugger it. Sold it at $1.44. Lost a cent. Still took a wack cos I bought heavily into it.

Had to be safe than sorry. Still has possibility for a rebound, but I'm not into magic tricks at the moment.

Should have stuck with Ausgroup and FerroChina. Never lose a single cent on them. Got out of both of them to buy Chartered.

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be clever.


Anonymous said...

Chartered is the biggest crab in the world. They are the first among semi-con companies to go into recession and last to come out. TSMC takes 40% utilisation to break even and Chartered takes 70%.

This stock will NEVER see a long lasting trend up. So NEVER touch it, or do near it!!!

Yau-ming's blog!! said...

Never say never. lol. Looks like its going to open strong today. That Credit Suisse report was a tad wrong perhaps... hmmm... bugger it.

Yau-ming's blog!! said...

Hee hee, look at Chartered go!! The bastard really picked a fine day to jump up. If anyone knows the name of that Credit Suisse analyst- please give him or her a good kick up the behind. lol.