Saturday, April 21, 2007

meanwhile in victoria....

Justice done the Aussie way... ie totally fubar. Most likely, he'll be put in juvenile hall for a few years before he's released to torment society. Sick isn't it? This guy doesn't need counselling. He needs a whole year of rotan caning. Maybe then he'll think twice. The victim says she will pray for him. I'd prefer if he's locked away for life.

Read the full story here Herald Sun

A 15-YEAR-OLD boy has admitted bashing and raping an 83-year-old grandmother - even as she prayed to God. The terrified woman was so convinced she was going to die in the vicious attack on August 23 last year she prayed: "Lord God, into your hands I command my spirit", the Supreme Court heard yesterday.

The boy approached the woman on a Bendigo walking track after drinking four or five bourbon and cola drinks, and said: "I think you can help me".

When the woman tried to hand over money, the boy kissed her aggressively, dragged her to the banks of a nearby creek, and raped and bashed her, the court heard.

Despite the woman's pleas, her attacker continued bashing her, biting her on the breast and gouging her eyes.

The horrific attack ended when a passing cyclist and the victim's daughter responded to her screams. They discovered the woman lying nearly naked on the muddy banks of the creek with a badly bruised face.

In an interview with police two days after the attack, he admitted he would have killed the grandmother had he not been caught.

The boy's barrister, Gerard Mullaly, said his client was "overwhelmingly immature" and "unable to control his impulses".

"He just lives in the immediate moment and doesn't consider the consequences of his actions," he told the court.

Three years ago, the boy, from central Victoria, was found guilty in a Children's Court of four counts of rape and one of attempted sexual penetration of a child under the age of 16.

He was released on a 12-month supervision order without conviction.

Yesterday, a Supreme Court judge remanded him in custody for sentencing.

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