Thursday, April 05, 2007


Hmmm... impressive rise from Genting this morning. Pity I wasn't watching it. My mum was egging me to buy it (on one of her spa friend's recommendation)... which made me EVEN more determined not to look at it.

Honestly I can't stand old aunties gossiping away about shares. It drives me nuts with their "eh, eh, eh, uh, uh, uh" blabber. They're like a bunch of Starlings.

Mum wants me to follow her to her friends dinner. I'd rather stay home and clean the toilets.

But anyhow impressive rise from Genting. Should have jumped in at 83.5 - 84 when the volume kicked in this morning. But I was busy doing other things and not paying attention. I did see that spike but I didn't investigate it any further nor look at the volume. The concern for me- is where will Genting get its funding for to build the Casino Resort? It needs billions of dollars to sink into the resort and it will take years for it to breakeven, meanwhile its facing competition from Macao et al.

Meanwhile mum is nagging me to death for not buying Genting. I'll get more crap after she had her dinner with her friends. God help me. :)

But on a serious note - its hard to trade with her around. She drives me nuts and screws up my "chi". I can't concentrate properly; but she doesn't understand that. I still loathe the fact that she lost a fortune share trading a few years back and I had to bail her out with my funds. But she wasn't grateful at all- instead she was resentful that I didn't issue her with more dosh to return back to the share market IMMEDIATELY. That's the worse possible thing for me to do- its like giving money to a gambling addict.

Anyhow, what to do? You can't bend an old tree trunk a different way. So I just got to grin and bear with it.

I bought Chartered instead at $1.45. Chart looks nice. Should see a nice bounce to $1.50+ Plan to get out past that mark. Stop loss at $1.42. Some problems with SUNVIC at the moment. But for the moment, the market is gravitated towards Genting, sucking away strength from other counters.

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