Saturday, April 21, 2007

neighbor from hell

Neighbour from hell... read the full story here in the Herald Sun

A NEIGHBOUR from hell drove a Melbourne family to utter despair in a six-year campaign of harassment. Tamara Sharp has admitted she falsely accused her neighbour John Giannaros of molesting his children.

And the Vermont South woman sent sexually explicit letters to Mr Giannaros's wife, Angela, claiming he was sleeping with other women, including prostitutes.

Mr Giannaros and his wife were devastated when Mrs Sharp sent anonymous letters to school and a State Government department alleging he molested his children.

The Giannaros family has spent tens of thousands of dollars on legal costs and lost thousands more due to disruption to their home-based music business.

The harassment continued, despite the Giannaros family taking out a restraining order against Mrs Sharp.

Mr Giannaros said Mrs Sharp tried to destroy his family, but the strength of his relationship with his wife and children had prevailed.

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