Friday, April 20, 2007


Bought Chartered this week. It held ok for most of the session yesterday but invariably some loose hands got shaken out.

The chart still looks interesting. So I'm going to sit on this hand for awhile and see what the flop brings.

Personally I felt the sell off on the Asian markets was a little silly. Yeah, so China's economy is booming- and that is a bad thing?? What we'll most likely see is China freeing up its currency - then we see an appreciation of the Yuan - and a correspondent fall in its exports, increased imports etc.. Simple economics.

I bought some more Aztec shares yesterday at 45.5, and even tried a go at buying FerroChina but my bid for Ferro was ridiculously low $1.40 - so it didn't succeed. But at one stage virtually ALL the buying had disappeared, leaving only a few buyers at $1.55, $1.58, etc.. Maybe I should have bought a smaller parcel but at a more reasonable price. Oh well, live and learn.

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