Friday, April 27, 2007

Humoring Idiots

I find it bizarre that when a couple of idiots - one a self-styled Bishop of Love and Peace - issue fake currency to pay their debtors - the Australian Legal System doesn't haul their arses off to jail quick smart. But then its Australia. So the system takes them to court and tell them to please stop issuing their own currency. So far they've given $500,000 fake notes.

Read the details here:

Two men who set up their own sovereign state in a Queensland suburb and made up their own currency to pay bills have been ordered by a court to stop operating as a bank.

In the Federal Court in Brisbane, Donald James Cameron and Darryl John Wheeley, who operate from the southside suburb of Moorooka, were ordered to stop operating their unauthorised financial business - the Federal State Bank of Australia - as a bank after an application made by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

Evidence to the court said the men made fake currency and cheques valued at more than $500,000 and used it to pay bills including rent, mortgage repayments, phone bills and legal fees.

The currency was created under the authority of their own so-called Independent Sovereign State of Australia, of which Cameron is the self-styled attorney-general and chief justice. He also calls himself the archbishop of the Church of Love and Peace.

The pair also set up their own parliament at Kalbar, west of Ipswich.

Presented to court were affidavits from small business owners who had received the fake currency and cheques and had been turned away from banks in Queensland, Perth and Sydney when trying to cash them.

Their debts remain unpaid.

Justice Susan Keifel ordered Cameron and Wheeley to desist from printing the money, conducting banking business from their "sovereign state", or using the word "bank" in advertising any services they could provide the public.

Cameron said he would appeal against the decision.

He said the organisation was a religious state coexisting with the other governments of the Commonwealth of Australia.

"I am very confident that the full court will in fact set aside the order made," Cameron told AAP.

He said the payments were legal because they were made under contract law.

"Once they accept the currency, which they did, and it was deposited in the bank account ... that is a binding contract under contract law," he said.

Wheeley was an independent candidate in the 2001 Queensland state election for the seat of Yeerongpilly, scoring just over 700 votes.

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