Saturday, June 28, 2014


Chill day. Did a late morning swim to the wreck next to Pangiamotu island. Saw a schools of yellow fin and other assorted fish. Water still clear.

Went to the Saturday market at Nuku-alofa and bought some tea cups of a particular vintage I've never seen before. They had a coat of arms as the backmark - brand logo. All the cups had individual decals - albeit a bit clumsily placed - were delightful drawings of a phoenix, mountain scenery, a geisha, egret, and my favorite - a man riding a fish on the side. Never seen that sort of drawing before. No one cup was like. The bottom of each cup also had a different design - some showing a turtle, egret, or geometric pattern. I was just going to buy just one cup. But they were all pretty in some way - so I bought all of them. Each cost just $1 each - I thought that was cheap. In Australia they would be selling them for $5 - $10 each.

I'm getting a bit bored. And a bit tired of the aussie jokes on board the boat. Once a twice fine - but they keep on repeating it - like chewing gum - its lost its flavor. On top of it all, I am not allowed to sleep on the bridge anymore nor outside on the bridge lounge area. I found that depressing. Those two areas have the best air circulation. I find it baffling that the other crew don't mind the lack of fresh air and not taking daily body washes.

Can't wait for us to commence operations and to do some scuba diving.

I took some photos of the tea cups I bought. A ray of sunshine and a optically formed rainbow appeared as I was taking the photos. Pretty things make me happy.

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