Saturday, June 07, 2014

Opposition ward politics

18 days in Fiji and we are still in the Marina. The electrician came again to fix the refrigeration unit - its a special fridge designed specifically for ships. Hopefully it will work otherwise we are gonna be eating plenty of tinned food for the next 5 months.

I'm reading with a bit of bemusement over the furor over PM Lee HL comments about denying upgrading for opposition wards.

Read it here:

I thought this was old news already. LKY made frequent warnings about opposition wards - mentioning not too long ago that if a PAP constituency went over to the Opposition side it would have to "repent". But he's been threatening this sort of thing for ages.

The Goh between the Lees also publicly warned that opposition wards would not benefit from any public development if they voted for Opposition parties. You can google the problems the people of Potong Pasir had with regards to MRT, HDB infrastructure developments and even bus services.

This is nasty politics. Politicians are paid using tax-payer's dollars even from Opposition wards. NS men from opposition wards also continue to serve in the army. If the citizens from Opposition wards are not entitled to infrastructure developments etc.. does that mean they can also forgo following the laws of the nation? Maybe next the PAP will suggest building a wall to turn opposition wards into ghettos.

Moreover nearly half to over a quarter of all citizens from Opposition wards voted for the opposition - so where does that leave them?

Having said that this sort of political favoritism occurs in other democratic nations as well. Maybe not so blatant and in-your-face but it does happen.

But really in a civil society - do you want to act so mean? If you have such mean politics its going to breed a certain nasty, mean spirited society - kia-su-ism as far as I'm concerned comes from our govt's policies.

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