Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday 25th June

Spent the day reading a book about Captain Kidd, a privateer apparently falsely accused of being a pirate. It seems a cautionary tale of being in the wrong place, wrong time, and naively thinking that people in power, kings, govt officials who have entrusted you to do dirty deeds for them are going to rescue you when things turn to shit or when your reputation gets tarnished. Once you get a bad rep its hard to shake it off. And sometimes you just have to call it a day and learn to walk away from fights (including your reputation) that you may lose big time i.e getting imprisoned and hanged.

Things on the ship are starting to get irritating. I've never been a fan of the aussie sense of humor - ie mocking or teasing someone. Occasionally its funny - but usually it stinks like a bully's unwashed arse.

I stopped sleeping in my cabin cos there isn't a lot of circulation and my aussie room mate doesn't believe in washing. When he does wash he uses a godawful soap.

I received the blunt end of an accusation from one of the other crew members on the charge of leaving rubbish lying around. I didn't do it. And even if I did - there is no reason to get cranky with me.

Maybe everyone is bored cos we have not yet commenced operations yet. And so like cooped up chickens in a cage, they are just pecking away.

I couldn't give a fuck.

I tend to be solitary minded when bored - I stick to my corner, read my books, and mind my own business. I don't understand why people can't do the same.

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