Sunday, June 01, 2014

Anton Casey - Pinkerton Syndrome Part 1.

This is an old blog post that didn't get sent out. I went to Raja Ampat again to do scuba diving. It was somehow marred by the fact that there was this short middle-aged French dude on board who was molesting all the Asian girls who somehow didn't seem to mind the prick.

I couldn't understand why they tolerated such behavior. Seriously a big WTF? If any asian male did what he did - ask girls to come to his room for rumba- he'd be thrown off the boat with 100kg of weights tied around his throat. But this French dude was doing his shit with impunity.
I was partly repulsed by his behavior and also curious how he could get away with social murder. Maybe it was the jovial manner he did it. But still - what he was saying was over the line.

Which brings me to my 2nd point - are Asians too tolerant of white foreigners?

I think we are too tolerant. Unfortunately we are still living under the shadow of 200 years of colonial dominance. For the last 200 - 300 years the world has been living under the burden of white colonial rule.

There were clearly some benefits - but at the same time there were outrageous crimes committed.

The British - yes the same people who introduced Victorian Christian morals - also forced China to accept Opium as a legitimate trade item.

Get this - the British - same people who sang "Onward Christian Soldiers" - Victorian puritanism, Anglican schools, high tea, were the world's Opium drug dealers. Seriously WTF.

When the Chinese Govt objected and banned the sale of Opium - the British Govt went to war to force China to accept the Opium trade.

Can you imagine if China went to war to force Britain to allow heroin to be sold legally.

As part of the settlement, China was forced to hand over Hong Kong to the British for 100 years.

I found it seriously ironic when Western journalists complained over democratic rights when Britain was going to hand over Hong Kong back.

You should also find it ironic that I'm writing about this in English too hahaha.

OK... I've got to go back to my ship chores. I'm currently in Fiji onboard the Yacht ICE. You can follow our adventures here on

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