Friday, June 27, 2014

Pangiamotu Island

We are now moored off Pangiamotu Island while waiting for the Tongan officials to complete their paperwork (which will enable us to commence operations). Hopefully they will get it done before Christmas :)

Internet here is very patchy. It usually works best at around 3am - 7am. Other times and even whatsapp messages are liable to go amiss.

One of the crew members got a package from her mum in Germany. Her mum sent it via a fast courier mail service, paying US$200 for the privilege for delivery within 6 days. It took twice the time to arrive.

Its always wonderful to receive overseas packages - esp. so when you're miles away from anywhere.

Thankfully Tonga seems well stocked. You can even buy some electronic stuff cheaper here than in Orchard Road :)

I've learnt some new tricks on board the boat- after nearly a month of constipation - my bowels decided it had to learn how to shit outside its comfort zone.

Learning how to take a dump in the toilet however is not a lesson I wanna master. The toilet stinks. Its cramped. And despite the efforts of the previous occupant user - there is still an unpleasant odor.

I've learnt how to defecate over the side of the boat in broad daylight while holding onto the railing. What is tricky is learning to quickly cover yourself when a passing speed boat comes roaring by with gleeful angmo passengers. Haven't they seen the ass of an Asian man before here? :)

Relieving yourself off the side of the boat does have its advantages - esp. at night when you can see the magnificent multitude of stars too numerous to count and the occasional shooting star.

Anyway so far so good. Just chilling, reading books, listening to music and learning how to shit off the side of the boat quickly.

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