Tuesday, July 01, 2014


This was an excerpt from an email to a friend.

We are now moored back at Salote's wharf (sounds exactly like Charlotte). Woke up at 3am when one of the crew took a dump in the toilet and the farty fragrance wafted back inside the cabin. I've got a sensitive nose for a guy and a low tolerance for shitty smells.

Went to the bridge then walked outside to the cockpit of the ship to breath some fresh air. Nothing more invigorating than cold 3am air. I laid down for awhile thinking about an email a friend had sent. Looked up at the stars - wished she was here. I'm not allowed to sleep anymore in those areas. So I headed back to the lounge where I'm currently sleeping. 

The lounge is three times the size of my cabin and it also has two large skylight windows that fully open letting in a lot of lovely fresh ion-negatively charged sea air. The lounge sofa is half the width of my bed but I'd rather trade this over a stuffy room with a smell sweaty fat aussie who doesn't like to wash.

I couldn't sleep for a long while - there were all these curious crunching and rustling sounds coming from somewhere. Turns out its the sound of crabs, crustations, shrimps, prawns feasting on the algae growth on the hull of our boat. lol.

When I finally woke at 7am I spent the morning sitting back and chilling by the bow of the boat listening to Velvet Underground. I don't smoke or drink - so listening to music and meditating or thinking about past events helps me chill.

By midday, everyone on the boat took a siesta. I felt like I was in an old folks home so I swam back to the island hoping to play a game of darts with the locals and meet new friends.

I brought along my long fins - it helps as a conversational piece. Talked to a few people including a strange Japanese man who is running a dive operation. Strange in the sense that he comes too close to talk. He migrated from Japan to Perth 25 years ago - back when it was a sleepy backwater. He loved the under - developed areas. So he moved to Tonga - and China where he resides half the year. Eventually he told me he was lonely and wanted people to talk too. I guess I'm like that too in a way.

The person I was playing darts with wasn't there - and the girl whom I was talking with had more interesting angmo to talk to. So I put on my fins and swam back to the boat.

I'm still reading Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things. Some of the stuff he writes - I think I myself dreamed about but never bothered to write it down.

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