Friday, July 11, 2014


Nothing much really to report. We have not commenced operations yet. Still waiting for more supplies or paperwork to be done.

Meanwhile I've been doing a lot of reading.

I frequently will have 2 - 4 books in front of me so that I can cycle through them if I get bored, confused, stunned or just want to think stuff through.

Usually it will be books on archaeology, ship navigation, philosophical books.

Two books I like very much are Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance, and Murakami's Norwegian Wood. Re:ZenMotorcycle - I like the author's appreciation of people - what makes them tick and how to get around them. I have a vintage 50 year old VW Beetle - and I wish I could undertake a lot of the repairs myself. But it is hard for me to understand mechanics. I work better for somethings if I was doing it more hands on. But I still try - only to tax my lazy brain muscles.

Norwegian Wood - I really love the author's sensitive writing style. The way he crafts his words - mind you it was originally written in Japanese not a language to easily translate.

Interjection - I've just been informed that I've got to prepare for a dive soon. Gotta go.

But I leave you with a quote from Murakami - from another novelette - Pinball.

"Dreamily she closed her eyes and pressed against him. From his shoulder on down, he felt
the supple weight of her body. An odd sensation, that weight. This being that could love a man, bear
children, grow old, and die; to think one whole existence was in this weight."

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