Monday, July 21, 2014

Commune - Norwegian Wood

Its 2am. I woke up with a massive hardon which due to the communal setting I'm in makes it impossible to satisfy. I can't sleep - the crustacians or whatever is living on the harbor floor are making an irritating crackling sound that sounds like a dozen bubblewrap sheets being popped.

Anyway here's an idea... I'm reading Murakami's Norwegian Wood and in it he describes a commune in the mountains relatively self sufficient. The people who lived there were mental health patients who lived there with the staff. They grew their own fruits, vegetables, raised poultry, etc.. In the spare time the people contributed to the social fabric by teaching what they knew. People with language skills taught language etc..

The people lived in their own homes, well made, beautiful homes. The estate used to be owned by a rich family.

It struck me as a very romantic notion that might appeal to city people who want a break from the city. Wouldn't it be nice to go somewhere in the country side to live in a communal setting for a week or a month or a season? Everyone would have their own home for their own privacy but they have communal halls for their main meals. Everyday they would eat healthy food, exercise during the day, do gardening, read, play sports, do yoga, learn musical instruments, cooking, languages, motor mechanics, tend free range chickens, farming, growing herbs, etc.. or just chill out and listen to records in their rooms and just disconnect from all the shit that's going thru their lives?

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