Friday, June 09, 2006

Running- Stinky Shoes

Whenever I feel the need to get rid of nervous energy- running always helps.

I used to run with a CD player- now MP3 player...

In my song list I have -

songs from Master and Commander soundtrack, Linkin Park, Run Lola Run, Last of the Mohicans, Matrix3 soundtrack, even Abba (Super Trooper).

Mostly heart thumping stuff- mixed in with a few slow stuff. Usually I end the run with a song from Bryan Adams' Heaven. Althought the slow trance dance music from Matrix3 is quite nice too.

Had to take a bit of a break this week though.

Found that my running shoes STINK!!!! Usually its caused by bad foot odor - which is a bacteria infection. Then I remembered that one of my friends with stinky feet came over not too long ago- and borrowed my running shoes.

You can always prevent foot odor by changing your socks regularly- if you don't -sweat builds up- then it gets into your shoes- then your shoes start to stink- bacteria blooms- then your feet get infected... totally yuck!!!!

Now if your feet stink- and you wear someone else's shoes- you pass on the foot germs to them too!

Thankfully, last I checked my foot smells ok!

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Freakatronic said...

Aaaah! EEEWWW!! That blows that your 'friend' infected you like that. Who needs enemies, eh? Raha!