Thursday, June 08, 2006

Powerful statement

This is a comment re the recent arrest of Muslim terrorists in Canada. The MSM (Mainstream media) took careful pains to avoid mentioning their race- middle Eastern - or their religion (Islamic).

This softly softly sensitive approach angered one commentator:

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By saltydog
This tippy-toeing around the fact of reality doesn’t protect us from would-be homegrown terrorists. It guarantees that we will have homegrown terrorists.

I will give the bastards this: they have studied the North Vietnamese strategies very carefully. They have gone to our universities, where they became acquainted with the weaknesses eating away at our foundations. They have studied the contradictions we have tried to impose on Enlightenment Individualism and seen just how to undermine us using those contradictions. Once you acceed to the idea of group rights, you’ve blown the premise out from under the idea that we are all equal before the law. Now some people, if they can qualify for the privileged group, are more equal than others. When your laws become completely subjective, where someone’s feelings constitute the basis for the use of force, and your society becomes one, not of individuals with the same rights, but of a bunch of separately privileged collectives, no one is safe. How is this any different than competing tribes? Or competing religious ideologies? Or the gangs of LA?

We’ve disarmed ourselves, and it wasn’t just the leftists who did it. Every group has seen some advantage of seeking that special legislation, usually based upon some type of victimhood, to give it a hand in the government till. Even religion, which used to understand why they ought to be strictly separated from government for their own protection, has allowed itself to enter into the game. If you give the proper argument why ignoring the fact that these people are a part of a religious ideology that is out to enslave us, you risk someone pointing out that the same arguement could be made against your own little group. All that had to be done for this to be accomplished is for the idea that the individual doesn’t necessarily own his own life, or his own home, or indeed have any rights at all if it can be shown to be detrimental to some group. Someone can always find some detriment to somebody, real or imagined. What else can follow but the same kind of gang warfare that typlified the Middle Ages.

So, we are now to the point where otherwise reasonable people allow themselves to be bullied into not stating the obvious - and who believe that it is the right thing to do. It is happening in the middle of a war that we’ll fight, but only so long as nobody names what it is we are fighting. We can talk about the method involved, but not who is using that method and why.

The first article I read today was about Bush offering nuclear technology to Iran. Then I got a call from my sister that my nephew was killed in action today. I came here, thinking to take a break, and I see this article. The thing that allowed Bush to even consider such an obscene gesture, and the thing that told that policement it was “politic” to take care of his language, also killed my nephew. We’d better start asking ourselves why we won’t fight to win. Otherwise, all we’re doing is pissing in the wind. We are wasting precious finite resources in men and treasure that we are going to need down the road. We are wearing out our finely trained warriors by using them as policemen and social workers. They’ve done a splendid job of what they’ve been asked to do, and they’ve done it in the face of a losing propaganda war at home. How long before the Iraqi government starts demanding to have some kind of control over them, and what will we answer?

I apologize. I thought I could just visit and get my mind off of things for a bit. I can’t. Sorry.

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