Friday, June 09, 2006

One more week

One more week has gone by... in my small world- it went quite badly. I'm working as a sharetrade in the stockmarket. And things didn't exactly go according to plan.

Actually, I didn't really plan- I wished- I hoped.

The best share traders know how to fold their cards- sell out - take a loss- walk away.

The maxim is- Keep your losses small. Protect your profits. Sell your losers. Keep your winners. Set concrete stop loss/stop profit markers.

And above all else- keep your emotions in check. Remain as cold blooded and calculated as humanly possible. You need to THINK not react!!

Well, I forgot my training and allowed my decisionmaking to drift- as I listened to various commentators - hoping for the best results.

At some point- I lost sight of reality. And abandoned all planning- all sense of reason- acted like a bloody amateur. DAMNIT.

Now I'm goddamn stuck like an elephant in a tar pit.

Course, I can hold on. But boy am I going to be totally screwed if the market takes a downturn.

The funny thing is that I saw the crash coming. Yet, I choose not to react in a rational way. Instead of taking a small minor loss at the bloody start of the crash. I sucked in my breath like a fool and waited for ... what???

Totally feel like an idiot now.

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