Thursday, June 08, 2006

Chess Queen forces wrong move

Making moves ... Arianne Caoili and, inset from top, Danny Gormally and Levon Aronian. Main image as seen on Ms Caoili's website.

The British dude- Danny is the wimpy geeky looking guy. Levon is the brooding looking dude.

At the centre of the biggest scandal in the chess world since ... whenever... is teenage Australian chess champion Arianne Caoili, dubbed "the Anna Kournikova of chess". Um... considering the number of hot chicks who play chess- she's more like the hottest thing that came onto the chessboard since the introduction of the Queen.

British chess grandmaster Danny Gormally had reportedly been seeing and emailing her. Hmmm... seeing as in- they go to the same chess tournaments??

But when Danny saw her dancing with the world's No. 3 player, Armenia's Levon Aronian, in a Turin nightclub during the World Chess Olympiad he made a move with his fist.

Apparently to her mom = she was doing a 'Salsa crazy ... and looking a bit sexy'

"She's salsa crazy and was probably dancing salsa and looking a bit sexy and that's why [Gormally] got upset,'' she said.

"[Arianne] was a bit scared and shocked and was wondering what was going on.''

The trio were at the Bermuda party, which is a regular event at the World Chess Olympiad.

"[The Bermuda party] is always organised by the Bermuda team because they are one of the world's worst teams but they run the best party,'' said Graeme Gardiner, a former Australian Chess Federation president who has coached Arianne since she was five years old.

"She's a 19-year-old, very attractive girl. She's probably got the guys queuing up for her.

(Well duh.... when was the last time you saw a hot babe playing chess???)

Gormally quickly left - probably before the Armenian teams decided to pay him a visit to show them their version of the Russian Gambit.

Anyhow, back to the hot babe who plays chess.

She likes Cream and Cuban cigars!

Caoili, 19, has listed her likes on her website as: "Funny stories, The Cream, arguing, getting up to no good, shopping, quotes, tea, Pink Floyd album covers, dancing (all forms), chocolate, blitz, theatre, Karpov's games, Oreo's, black and dry humour, singing, good music, gravity (without it we're doomed), sunsets, sunrises, fine food (and fine boys), stars, moons, water, Edward Norton and Johnny Depp, grace, green lights, cooking, pina colada's, vodka, red wine, Kahlua, dwarfs and the odd Cuban cigar."

Wonder whether she'd be interested in checking out my chess sets? :)

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