Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How not to influence people

Read this in the news: Double-parked mother cuffed over outburst

June 6, 2006 - 11:29AM

A mother swore at police and accused them of being pedophiles before she was handcuffed in front of hysterical children for double parking outside a Queensland school, a court has been told.

Yvette Green, 38, of Riverview, today appeared in the Ipswich Magistrates Court charged with being a public nuisance, disobeying a police direction and obstructing police as she tried to drop two of her children at Collingwood State School in Brisbane's west on January 25 this year.

Sergeant Carmont told the court Ms Green refused to provide her details despite being asked up to 14 times and became aggressive after police approached her BMW.

"She said 'I know all you f---ing c's are corrupt, haven't you got anything f---ing better to do, you should be out arresting murderers and not harassing mothers'," he quoted Green as saying. "The only reason you hang around schools is because you're a f---ing pedophile c--t."

Sgt Carmont said Green was eventually forcibly removed from the vehicle and handcuffed after another police officer arrived and they had to apply her handbrake and unlock her seat belt. (Meanwhile, her youngestn child looked on in total horror).

Later in the police watchhouse Green was apologetic for her behaviour at the school, he said.

However, he said that police were unable to tape what Magistrate Matthew MacLaughlin described as "all the colourful language" because his recording device was corrupted.

The trial continues.


Generally speaking, police just try and do their job. However, I have met cops who are really into chicken shit stuff and love to lord it over civies.

Once I was driving in the middle of nowhere- it was a fairly big road- and had a slight decline- I think I was doing 50mph. The place is totally deserted. As I acclerated up the hill- a cop flags me over and hands me a fine for doing 5mph more- $200 fine. Sure, I could have got angry with him- but he was well within his rights to fine me. But I couldn't understand why he was targeting road users except that it was dead easy to catch a good number of ordinary citizens going a few km above the speed limit- the sign was nowhere in sight. Meanwhile, the local hoons and toughs are doing illegal drag races down my street- doing 100mph- and loud burn outs- but the cops don't dare come.

Anyhow its just worth remembering to keep your cool and not let them aggravate you. Write a letter to the RTA, move on. Go grab some tea, have a danish cookie, run 10km.

Don't let the shites get to you. You'll only end up doing something stupid and allowing the buggers to take advantage of you.

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