Friday, June 02, 2006

Hell hath no fury like an eBayer scorned

Ever bought something off the internet only to find out its a dud- broken - piece of crap?

Feel unhappy ya?

Well check this out- this dude (claimed) he got cheated on ebay- bought a computer that had the wrong specs and also wasn't working.

Unfortunately for the seller- the dude took out the hard drive and got it working- and lo and behold he struck paydirt- and promptly posted it on the internet for all to see.

Check it out here. Warning: Doesn't contain anything too terrible. But might not be safe for office or children's eyes.

Anyhow two things we can learn from this:

NEVER buy thing off an eBay Seller who has a poor (in this case 50%) or zero rating score. That's the ratings sellers/buyers give everytime u buy or sell stuff off eBay.

Preferably deal only with eBayers who have a large (50 or more) perfect or near perfect score (95 - 100%).

So far touch wood- I've had a pretty ok run with eBay. No dramas.

The other thing- if u are intent to sell your computer- make sure you format the hard drive - then load it up with files (junk stuff) to 100%. Then format it again. That way you guarantee that the important data gets scrubbed. But considering that most HDs are now 100+gig it might be simpler and fun to smash it or dump it into a bucket of oil/dirty water and throw it onto the floor several times.

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