Monday, August 31, 2009

Top Ten Quotes that make me Wary

(note: most of these notes are written in sarcasm and thus not to be taken literally.)

1. Trust me I know what I'm doing.
(Actions speak louder than words. And unfortunately when defensive phrases get used, invariably its done as part of a scam. This phrase is deeply burnt into my sub-conscious after it was repeated to me in a series of fucking unmitigated disasters by a confident person.

2. You're doing this for God.
(When I hear this phrase, I think of the Children's Crusades)

3. This time its different.
(I heard this phrase during the boom. I believed in it at the time)

4. The leaders know what they are doing.
(Leaders who are especially confident and hate criticism... somehow they remind me of Hitler, a real success story in 1940.)

5. Don't worry, it should go OK.
(I'm worried because you've just jinxed us.)

6. What else could go wrong?
(After successfully completing a big sale a few years back, I was overawed by the success, I smiled, "Perfect, what else could go wrong?" A lot, apparently.

7. Thus saith the Lord...
(This makes me flinch. Its used too often in church history for dubious purposes. Read the Crusades.)

8. Trust your gut feeling.
(Its magical when it works, like astrology and fortune telling.)

9. You're not trying hard enough.
(Or perhaps the plan sucks? No, really. I think of Hitler exhorting his men to fight harder.)

10. Its a good learning experience.
(Like the Battle of Passchendaele. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that enthusiasm probably won't stop machine gun bullets, but I guess its worth giving it a shot.)

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