Friday, August 21, 2009

Ten things about Yau-ming

1. I don't like reality tv generally speaking. I dislike the endless navel grazing and the faux psychologist analyzing behavior. I can't stand shows like Big Brother or the American Idol shows... unless... it involves a bevy of very pretty young charming women like Brooke Burke. I'd watch that for a while. I also don't mind watching reality tv shows where men or women are doing extremely hard or strenous activties like the Tough Guy Race. But not freak shows. I've got time to watch a military recruit training program but watching a bunch of fat obese people trying to do an obstacle course, that's just plain pathetic.

2. I'm partially deaf. When I was a child, my Chinese language teacher at ACS twisted my ears so hard that my ear bone snapped. Now I have trouble hearing low frequency sounds. If a person with a low voice is trying to talk to me and there's background noise, I find it painfully hard to hear.

3. I wish I could speak more than one language fluently. I'd like to speak French like how the French Foreign Legion soldiers speak French.

4. I had few friends in my childhood and high school was pure hell. I couldn't get along with people. I blame my wacky upbringing and the crazy logic my mildly sadistic parents instilled in me. And it didn't help that I was surrounded by a bunch of really arrogant screwed up classmates whose sole pleasure in life was to make my day miserable.

5. My sister and I share the same sense of humor. When we were kids we attended a modern gallery art exhibit and laughed so hard we started to cry. They kicked us out 3 times. I rarely have any disagreements with her.

6. I intensely distrust people who can't control their temper. People who fly into a rage of fury - especially for very trivial reasons - really upsets me. They remind me of my parents. If you're reading this, and wondering why our friendship has grown cold, this may be the reason.

7. I deal with a lot of my problems through sarcasm. I like clever quirky humor. Example, Wes Anderson's films - Royal Tenenbuams, Life Aquatic, Darjeeling Limited and most of South Park episodes.

8. I'd like to get buried at sea in the deepest part of the ocean. Read Psalm 139:9. The land is for the living. I think of cemetries, esp. Chinese cemetries, as a waste of space.

9. I despise obsessive gamblers. Gambling is like flushing money down the drain. Why can't they use the money productively and constructive like insulating the house, education, etc.. It serves no purpose except fueling the person's greed and pride. Its obviously a mental affliction and they should be incarcerated.

10. I believe in capital punishment and longer sentences for criminals. Society and the lives of innocent people should be protected from criminals, not the other way around. I despise the Australian and British criminal justice system. But you probably knew that. So...

10a. I think that too many Christians are hypocrites. You probably knew that already...

10b. I think it would be really cool to reverse the flow of rivers in Australia and build a massive inland sea in the heart of Australia. But that's a thot, it shouldn't count.

10c. I would not be surprised if I was the reincarnation of a Japanese fighter pilot who died in WW2 even though I don't subscribe to that brand of theology.

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