Friday, August 28, 2009

The driver who killed Mary Jo Kopechne is dead

Edward "Ted" M. Kennedy a US politician is dead. To some on the left - he was a great politician, a gifted orator, a great American.

To me he was the driver who ended the life of beautiful girl Mary Jo Kopechne in a car accident off the Massachusetts island of Chappaquiddick.

Kennedy had attended an all girl party on July 18, 1969 and left with the pretty Mary Jo.

He drove off the side of a bridge doing 20MPH. The car came to rest in under 6 - 8 feet of water (roughly 2 metres). He swam out leaving her behind. Kennedy claims he made several attempts at rescuing her.

Mary Jo apparently survived the crash but was trapped inside the car.

Failing that, he walked back to the party to get his friends to help.

For some reason, as Kennedy left the accident scene, he didn't bother knocking on nearby houses and calling for help or the police. Neither did his friends apparently.

Kennedy and friends claimed they couldn't swim into the low submerged car lying under about 2m of water. They gave up after a few tries. Curiously Kennedy did find the strength to swim across the channel back to his hotel. Exhausted, he fell into a deep sleep but he did find the time to make a complaint a noisy party next door.

Next morning, he woke up - chatted with people about a sailing race and had a good breakfast. And he's still not called the police or told anyone else about the crash.

Meanwhile, local residents discovered the submerged car and a diver found Mary Jo Kopechne's body still trapped inside. He said she could have been alive for 2 hours.

The judge gave him a suspended 2 month sentence. Strangely, no autopsy was performed on Mary Jo's body despite blood being found on her skirt.

Kennedy asked his electorate, the people of Massachusetts, whether he should resign. He went on to win the re-election with 62% of the vote which only goes to show that democracy is over rated.

Mary Jo Kopechne's parents used the money they had been saving for her wedding day for her funeral. She was their only child.

This is so fubar.

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