Sunday, August 02, 2009

Falls Creek Sking Report

Conditions were rather patchy - meaning you can see grass patches coming through the snow and watery holes in the snow fields, esp the run Final Muster near the bottom.

There was an awful lot of rain, wind, sleet hitting the snow fields this morning.

A total whiteout. You could hardly see where you were going.

Which to me - made it a bit more fun and challenging.

Its fun until you start feeling the cold tho. After an hour's skiing - I was soaked through. Water has a way of finding its way to your warm body.

I took a break to get out of the wet cold in one of the summit huts but it didn't work. I needed to go someplace warm.

What I should have done was to have held back until the weather cleared up before going skiing.

The irony is that when I took refuge - the weather cleared up. But by then I was busy trying to get my jacket and my body dry and warm!!!

Memo to self:

1. Bring ski mask.
2. Bring a security device to secure the skis/poles when shopping. A lot of stuff goes missing because some idiot carelessly took it.
3. Wait for weather to clear up BEFORE purchasing lift pass.

More to come... I'm so tired now....

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