Monday, October 20, 2008

My Rose Garden in Melbourne - October 2008

I love roses, especially the red roses - multiple petal diamond shape variety. I've had these roses for over 10 years now. They look beautiful. Some of them started life as cuttings. They are quite easy to take care of - if you don't mind spending a few hours in the garden a week. I personally find it very satisfying, therapeutic even, to do gardening. There's something intensely fulfilling taking care of flowers, watching them grow, and seeing their flowers blossom. In a small way, they are a metaphor for life.

Unfortunately, while I was away in Singapore, there was no one to take care of the garden. Mulch was not applied to the flower beds and consequently the flower beds was overrun with weeds. Its terrible when the grass shoot embed - wrap - themselves into the roots of the roses - then its sheer hell trying to get them out.

I've got to go buy a truckload of mulch next week and cover the flower beds before I return to Singapore.

Click on the photo to see more of the roses.

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