Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Vantage Point: Worse Movie of the Year

Genre: Action & Adventure
Don't watch it. Its a waste of time. Better to watch it on video borrowed from a friend - so that when you get bored you can do something else and go back and watch it again. Give the extended version of the DVD to your enemy.

This film that is told from Seven vantage points - and retells the story Seven Times. Thats right- the same footage recycled 7 times!!!!

So you get to see the motorcade pull up 7 times, you get to hear the annoying soundtrack 7 times, you see the President shot 7 times. You get to see the stupid gullible policeman run and get bashed 7 times. You get to see the stupid little girl cross the highway and stand in the middle of it 7 times (or so it seemed). And worse, you get to hear the welcoming speeches 7 times!!!! ARGHHHH!!!!!

You see the scene from the views of

1. From the TV Crew HQ
2. The Gullible Stupid Policeman
3. The Shaky Hand Secret Service Hero
4. The Accidental Tourist, Forest Whitaker who captures it all on his Sony HandyCam.

(On that point it seems the Advertising Office for Sony wrote in Scene No. 4 because it looked like a bloody Sony HandyCam ad inserted with a blunt butter knife into the middle of the movie).

5. The President

6. The Terrorist Group

7. The extremely gullible "WHERES MY BRO, BRO??" Assassin

8. The 7 year old girl

9. Her pet dog

10. The flea on the dog's left testicle

Unfortunately, most of it is the same film - recycled.

Its like watching Groundhog Day but without the humor and comedic talent of Bill Murray, instead its Al Gore.

The ending was totally laughable. The 7 year old girl runs around, screaming for her moma, then finally walks in the middle of highway and stands there just in time for the murderous terrorist to come along and brake and crash their car. Of course, it makes sense that these same morons who have just killed 1000 innocent lives suddenly develop a conscience and decide to brake and crash the van... all in slow mo.

I nearly died laughing.

And just when it couldn't get any more cheesier, the shaky hand hero comes onto the scene, opens the ambulance door and shoots one of the terrorist who wakes up and tries to kill the President. Ya! he saves the president...again and his shaky hand is cured!!! See the director spent a whole 5 minutes filming the hero staring at his own hand!!!

Then the hero and the president stare into each other's eyes for another time wasting eternity and hero says, "I've got you!"

I wish I could lock up the Producers, Directors, Editors, script writing team in a small room and force them to watch the show 7 times after forcing them to drink 20 cups of coffee. Maybe they might learn something or two.

If it was given a good hard edit and eliminated the Accidental Tourist/the idiot Police/the Gullible Terminator scene, and got rid of 1 hour worth of fluff in the film, it might be decent.

Mind you, I've seen similar shows before like Rashomon, Groundhog Day, and Run Lola Run - those shows were absolutely brilliant, unfortunately, this movie fails miserably due to a serious problem in the editing, writing, and directing part.


Faith Love said...

I think this is a brilliant movie.... it was kinda slow innitially but the movie pick up when it showed the president's side of story..:)

Andrew Hall said...

Sorry Dude.... should have gone to something else.

Yauming YMC said...

You didn't find the 7 times repetition of the speech, convoy and assassination, annoying to say the least? But I do also like the twist involving the fake and real President.

Jeremy N said...

I want that remote rifle platform.........

Faith Love said...

Innitially yes. You can actually hear the murmurs within the cinemas. I was kinda impatient myself until it was the President's turn to SHINE. My bf mentioned that this is a pretty tense movie. I find it ok.

Yauming YMC said...

Lose the Sony Handycam ad Segment, and the dumb policecop, and the gullible "where's my brother? " terminator dude sections, and find another 1 hour of the movie to cut ... you know the numerous useless time wasting reps, and the crappy soundtrack, thennnnn, maybe it might be ok!! lol.