Monday, April 21, 2008

Dangers of joining gym - read the fine print

Two years ago, someone got me to join a gym in Australia. "The first two months are free!!! And it only cost $15." Crock of crap. Honestly, I didn't want to join the gym.

It was one of those unprofessional club gyms- a rent a hall... a dozen running machines, TV, personal trainer mafia, and a set of chrome weight machines.

Why join when you can run to the park? But she signed me up for it. Later I had to go back to Singapore. I wrote them a letter instructing them to cancel the membership. Fast forward 12 months. I came back to Australia, and noticed that I was getting direct debited on my credit card from an ezypay service. Whats that? I thought it was a payment for one of the household expenses. I rang up the bank- and they said its probably from... your gym. WTF???

I went down to the gym and found out that my membership wasn't cancelled- and they claimed they didn't receive the cancellation letter. Besides- the contract apparently stipulated that I had to show up in person to see the bloody manager to cancel.

In other gyms, its much worse. They sign you up for a one year contract- and they usually have a chicken shit clause whereby you can only give notice to cancel in the last month, not before. If not, they roll you over for another 12 bloody months.



Bloody hell. I just checked my credit card and they are still debiting cash from my credit card. WTF??

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Andrew Hall said...

unregulated industries... got to love them.