Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back from Mabul, Sipadan

Hey everyone. I'm back from the scuba diving trip. It was pretty good. But the poor visibility, wet weather, and rough current conditions mucked it up a bit.

Visibility at some sections was down to 3 - 5m. Plenty of minute debris in the sea; probably stirred up by the strong currents. Couldn't see a lot of stuff unless you were up close. The strong current made swimming a lot harder. The fish didn't like it either and many stayed away. Not as fun as my last trip to Sipadan back in May/June last year.

(According to one of the local divers, the best time to come to Sipadan is in Feb/March and May/June.)

I still got a few good shots notably of the fabled Barracuda tornado; I swam in it! Being in the moment brings dangers of its own. Entranced by the sheer beauty of the event, I forgot to check my depth; I rose from 20m to 13m undersea to possibly 3m in a 5 minutes. My friends were banging their tanks angrily to get my attention but I was totally oblivious. Right now, I don't feel like I have decompression sickness. But if my joints start to hurt then I better seek medical attention.

Anyways check out the photos and the video.


bianca p said...

too bad about the low vis and the strong currents! but the barrucada tornado looks stunning!
i can understand how you got too excited... but be careful yeah ;)

Yauming YMC said...

Yeah, time for me to get a dive computer watch!!!