Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Sound of Tropical Rain

I love the sound of the rain in Singapore. Maybe I wouldn't if I was working outdoors. We get so much volume in the rain that it sounds like a waterfall, a large waterfall. Visibility is even reduced to about 5km, a lot of the skyscrapers disappear in the pretty rainy haze. Temperatures at the top levels of the tall building actually drop 5+ degrees during these wet storms - bringing a very welcome cool relief.

Its very rare that we get this sort of rain in Melbourne- even during our wet seasons - in fact, we get so little rain that the sun turns blood red during the day (on account of the dust particles in the air).

I don't know how we could live without the rain. The land is so humid here- I'm sitting in my room and I'm starting to sweat already.
Each time it rains here- it feels like God is giving the land a good wash.

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adelyn kwan said...

i like being indoors when its raining... especially at home!