Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Touching Story

This is quite a moving story. It touched me. Its about a woman who came from such a fubar family- that she was stayed in college during the holidays than go back home to stay with parents who would criticize her every behavior. Read the story here: WorldNet Daily: How to Redeem a Bad Childhood.

My take on this... my philosophy... is that families are like teams. They work together to achieve an objective. - That is happiness- contentment. Families should care for one another- and help each other out. There is no "me". Its "us". Of course, everyone is entitled to a certain amount of privacy. Its a fine line that should be drawn with love. But when that gets replaced by a desire for power and authority. Things just go belly up.

Its written in the Bible- Children respect and obey your parents. Parents do not exasperate your children.

Works both ways.

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