Monday, April 24, 2006

The More the words the less the meaning...

In the Book of Ecclesiastes, a small treatise on how to live a decent happy life- its located somewhere around the middle of the Bible, there's this awesome line:

"The more the words, the less the meaning, and how does that benefit anyone?" Ecclesiastes 6:11

I wish more Christian preachers would heed this verse in the bible. Every week, when I goto church or attending church meetings, I dread hearing the preaching.

First up- there are some good stuff in their sermons. But there's an awful amount of rubbish and nonsense. Often the preachers are talking off-tangent, then they go circling around the point and not expounding on it, then they cloud their sermons with rubbishy stories- the sort you expect from a drunk Uncle on NY's eve... it deeply saddens me. Its the word of God. Can't they talk about it in a reverential way?

Anyhow, I just shutup and do some "gold digging". Miners often need to dig through 100 tons of crap to extract an ounce of gold. Its the same for most sermons. There's something in there - that God wants ya to hear. You just need to listen. At the same time I pray that the preacher's next sermon will be better. Sometimes it works!

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