Saturday, April 22, 2006

Cold Winter Days Fun

Brrr!!! Winter is now here! Officially its Autumn here in Melbourne- but with blizzard conditions of the ski mountains and average temperatures under 10C at night- you gotta concede a little hey?

I like winter- everything tastes so good- esp. hot food and wine. Doesn't a hot bowl of oats porridge taste so much better on a cold winter's morning? When you walk outside, and if you're healthy and fit, it feels so exhilarating, you just feel so alive!!!! Once when I was in NZ, the temp had dropped below zero, I walked to the grocer shop to get some milk- I was just wearing my shorts, ski boots, t-shirt, and a beanie. People were just looking at me like I was nuts. But it felt so amazing.

However, if you're not feeling well- well, its crap.

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