Sunday, April 16, 2006

Being safe

I was reading my friend - Nate's blog. And its really amazing what he's doing- ie. helping out street people.

The whole idea of going out on a limb and trying to help "troubled" people - I'm a little scared by the whole idea.

One word popped up in my head. "Safety". Then "risk". For half of my my life- although I've been living a fairly sheltered life- but I've been constantly bullied and jerked around- by relatives, teachers, bullies at school, the boarding house and then the army. I just want to be in a safe place.

If I can get thru the day without someone yelling/screaming at me- its a great day! I really mean it.

I find that if I am being encouraged- I can do wonders. But if I being yelled at, pushed around, my whole attitude to the job/life just goes downhill.

I'm an easy going guy and I just want to get along. Unfortunately, some people usually take my willingness to help as a sign of weakness and try to exploit it.

Fuck them.

The whole world would be a better place if people were just willing to work together and get along.

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