Monday, April 24, 2006

God, food, cooking and theology

I like good food; that's nothing better than to sink your teeth into a wonderfully cooked roast salted chicken when you're starving. Hmmmmm.... I can't talk anymore about it otherwise my stomach will explode.

Found this site written by this young Singapore mom- who loves God and cooks great food. Apart from the awesome receipes she has- she also offers some good insight into Christian living. I found this article brilliant see here :

Husband made lunch for me again. He's been doing this every weekend for past three weeks, as a way of giving me a nice break and a yummy treat. Last week, he made Nikujaga (Jap beef stew), one of my favourite dishes as it's so hearty and warm. Today, he made beef & broccoli pasta. Lurve-ly. ^__^

Husband's gesture of love-by-cooking made me reflect on a principle our church taught us in marriage preparation class - namely, that Husband should Lead and Wife, Submit. Like all normal women of this day & age, I struggled with that concept for a while when I first heard it. It made women sound subordinate, inferior even, as if we didn't have the brains or wit to make our own decisions and live our own lives. But I have come to realise that this principle is harder for men than it is for women. This is because it places the onus squarely on the man's shoulders to lead in love, communication, reconciliation and service. To put it across clearly, Husband is to be the first to apologise, to serve, to love and to forgive. Now how many men can do that???!!

Well, I thank God that I have a husband that strives to obey God & live out God's design for marriage by trying his darndest to do exactly that. His efforts are not necessarily in the Big Theological Things - he doesn't give me a sermon or a Bible Study everyday. Nay, it's in the small things - in apologising even when he is not in the wrong, in patiently listening to my grumbles even when he is busy with work, in reminding me to spend time in personal devotion to God and of course, in cooking and doing the laundry over the weekends. And here's the cool thing - the more Husband leads, the more I submit, i.e., the more I reciprocate. And the little virtuous cycle of love grows and grows.

Serving each other is not derogatory, nor is it mere duty. Christ came to serve us all - by dying for us. Likewise, as part of God's design, serving each other in marriage is deemed delight, both to each other and to God.

Marriage Christ's way has taught me that two is indeed better than one.


Isn't she lucky? Thankfully she is married to a good bloke. Pity the women who end up with monsters for husbands. In that case, no amount of submitting with do any good. Its a bit like trying to appease monsters like Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Jack the Ripper, etc... Try and submit to them and see where that gets you.

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