Friday, February 23, 2007

My new Western Digital Hard Drive just died

Arghhh... I bought a new HD to help store my stash of tivo movies. I purposely got a Western Digital hard drive - despite the fact that Seagate is being produced here in Singapore and is cheaper. I had no previous trouble with WD- and going by my memory, WesternDs' standard was great.

However, it apparently isn't. Google Western Digital and you'll find a sizable portion of unhappy users - one of them being me.

It started off this morning when I was trying to access my portable hard drive. Everything was going well until it crashed. Suddenly, my XP run computer couldn't detect the data - all the two partitions on my hd were totally unreadable.

The thing is barely one month old.

I should have realized there was a problem when last week- it was making a clicking sound.

I had also disabled caching to allow for trouble-free fast removal of the storage device. But to no avail.

Trust me - don't buy WD.

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