Wednesday, February 21, 2007

God help us

Darn it. I lost another pair of sunglasses again! Its another RayBan too. Damnit. Those things are expensive. Problem is they never ok on top of my head and I always worry that they'll fall off. My eyes are fairly sensitive to bright light so I need to wear them when I walk outside- but when I'm indoors- i usually take it off and put them on the table or somewhere... yeeerrkkk... and promptly forget about them.

That's the problem with my memory I can usually only focus on one activity at a time. When I get distracted by something else, I forget about the secondary stuff- like car keys and sunglasses. And voom- they've off to the Bermuda Triangle. This is esp so when I'm under stress and tired.

Bugger. I really hate that.

I narrowed the possible locations down to a few places. Hopefully I'll retrieve them. But this just puts a big dint in my day.

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