Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Child Rapist Wins Compensation over Prison Food

I found this quite bizarre. I bet that his victims haven't received a single cent in compensation. But then again- only in Australia - punish the innocent, reward the guilty.

On other news I went to the SMU fun fair. The students were selling a lot of great stuff. I bought two t-shirts for $25. The Malay dude was selling them for $28 for two, but when I didn't have change- he gave it to me for $25. I think elsewhere I'd have to pay double the price.


February 12, 2007 - 8:09AM

A child sex-offender has won a discrimination case against the Queensland government because he was denied food prepared in accordance with Muslim religious laws and fed vegetables, nuts and tinned meat.

In a ruling the government fears could trigger an avalanche of claims from other prisoners denied special dietary requests, the Supreme Court found Sharif Mahommed, who was sentenced to eight years imprisonment in 2000, had been discriminated against.

He will be allowed to keep $2000 in compensation and not pay for tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills spent to defend his case, The Australian reports.

Mahommed is now out of prison and said he suffered stress and lost weight while behind bars because he was denied fresh halal meat.

He blamed prison authorities for their "lack of knowledge in understanding my religious beliefs, poor training skills, coupled with a no-care and negative attitude to inmates in general", the court was told.

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